KVM Extenders

Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) Extenders provide direct control of a host computer located at distances up to:

          - 100 meters (328 ft) for CAT5e models

          - 10 kilometers (6.28 Miles) for FiberOptic models.

icron KVM Extenders provide a stand-alone solution;  eliminating the lag and resolution tradeoffs typical of remote-login software.


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EL5353 -  KVM Extender System
The EL5353 KeyBoard-Video-Mouse Extender provides the latest High-Definition video and USB extens..
EL5363 -  KVM Extender System
The EL5363 KVM Extender features the latest and most robust HD video and USB extension technology..
EL5100 DVI + USB 2.0 over 100m Cat 5e/6
Using the EL5100 KVM Extender, you can locate a computer up to 100 meters (328 feet) from the ..